A Message from the President

Fellow Cincinnati Scale Modelers


Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding during this Covid-19 pandemic.


We have a great base of members, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to modeling skills.  Whether you are a beginner, or a master, we can learn from each other.  It is the sharing of this knowledge and skills that allow us to broaden our expertise, learn something new, and improve upon the kits as we move forward.


I have received a lot of feedback over the years ranging from show and tell clinics at the meetings, club shirts/tees/accessories with the logo, website improvement, and other items.


Some of these will be challenging during this COVID era and social distancing, however, others can still be achieved.   One success is the incredible upgrade to our club site.  Will Kuhrt worked incredibly hard to assemble this platform, and it is the first step to a better club experience in this new digital age of social interaction.  I am grateful for his efforts and like the new site very much, and I hope you do too!  

In light of this social distancing, I challenge us all to “get building and keep building”.  I challenge all of us to continue bringing something “currently being built or recently finished” to the meetings (virtual or in person).  If you haven’t been building in a while….Get Busy!  We can’t wait to see your new project! 


True to the sprue,


Michael Ward

Cincinnati Scale Modelers

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