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Sci-Fi  and Gunpla

Sci-Fi modeling, just like science fiction itself, is broad, diverse and includes limitless subject matter. Some Sci-Fi model builders concentrate on certain franchises, such as Star Wars and Star Trek. Others enjoy building space ships, robots, or vessels which are highly detailed and include LED effects. 

A somewhat new sub-genre of sci-fi modeling is called Gunpla, meaning Gundam Plastic Model.  Gunpla has a very dedicated fan base, especially in Japan.  90% of plastic model kits sold in Japan are Gundam figures. Slowly, Gunpla is gaining popularity in the United States--evident by the increasing shelf space for Gunpla at local hobby shops.  

The Gundam series is a science fiction media franchise that first emerged in the late 1970s.  Most Gundam are bi-pedal humanoid mobile suit vehicles which contain a cockpit which is controlled by a human pilot. 

Every year, some of the best Sci-Fi models, including Gunpla, can be seen at Wonderfest